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Juan C.

The Morning Papers with News Explorer

Technology Appy Monday 1 min read

Part of my morning ritual involves catching up with the latest news from a collection of sites. Years ago, I wrote a small PHP program that pulled RSS feeds from news sites and compiled a ‘Morning Paper’. Nowadays I fire up News Explorer by Betamagic.

News Explorer Interface
News Explorer collects and delivers the latest updates from your favorite sites.

Once you’ve loaded your favorite feeds, News Explorer keeps you up to date of the latest articles, and it's great for Reddit and Twitter feeds. You can also search for and discover new feeds through the interface.

You can categorize your sites using a folder structure, flag your “favorite” articles, and share links through social media, email, or your favorite chat platform. All directly from the interface.

My favorite feature, by far, is the Reader view which displays articles in a clean and easy-to-read format. It’s a nice change over the plethora of adverts and overlays you sometimes go through to get to a story.

An iOS version is also available and complements the MacOS version well via iCloud. It's become an essential application of my morning routine. The MacOS version is available through SetApp - the Mac App Subscription service we mentioned last week. If you've been let down by other news apps, give News Explorer a try and tell it what you want to read.

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