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Appy Monday

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February 12th, 2016 - that's the day an unrequested upgrade to Windows 10 bricked my otherwise reliable Dell laptop. It was horrible. Two-days later, I was on a Mac and never looked back.

My mid 2015 MacBook Pro - the last of its kind with standard ports, an SD card slot and fantastic keyboard - a Vanlentine’s Day gift from my lovely wife. In a rare “art-imitates-life” moment, the experience is best summarized in this clip from the Big Bang Theory:

Amy buys Sheldon a computer

I was surprised at how quickly the laptop fired up, and once I keyed in my iCloud credentials, it synched contacts, pictures, notes with my then iPhone 6. It really just worked out of the box.

Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the App Store. Apple has made great enhancements to the App Store interface that I encountered back then, but even now, the App Store can become overwhelming and new users are left wondering which apps are worth shelling out cash for.

Around the same time in 2016, Setapp, a subscription-based service offering access to over a hundred MacOS apps-was launched. Several well-respected apps and interesting newcomers were on the list and offered a solution that I could incorporate into my workflow. I signed up and have remained a subcriber since.

So, after a needlessly long intro to this inaugural post to Appy Monday, I have to say that new or seasoned Mac users can’t go wrong with a subcription to Setapp. With apps for professional writing (Ulysses), coding (CodeRunner), disk-management (Disk Drill), and maintenance (Clean My Mac) and a hundred more, Setapp has the right app, when you need it for only $10 bucks a month.

Visit Setapp to get started with a free 7-day trial.

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